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Company ŠIMENC PLASTIKA is engaged in the plastic material processing for more than 50 years. Many years of experiences and customer satisfaction encourage us that we remain one of the most important companies in this field. Company key activity is manufacturing of the plastic material products. Our main customers come from electro industry. We are present on the Slovenian and German markets. Since 2013 our production facility is located in the Obrtna cona Polica (Kranj).

We want to strengthen our position of the recognized and quality dedicated manufacturer of the molded plastic products on the domestic and European market. We deliver to our ever more demanding customers the best quality products within agreed timescales and to agreed price. We manage and assure quality on the procedures and requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 as well as ANSI/UL 746D (Underwriters Laboratories).

We are family company. Marija Šimenc started with her business in 1968 and Marjan Šimenc with his four years latter. Companies merged in 1975 and business operations were successful since the beginning. Initially we were engaged in the processing of plastics materials and latter extended the production to the manufacturing of metal objects. At the beginning we were making plastic spikes for football and rugby boots after that plastic products for Adidas program, produced by Planika Kranj. In addition to the products dedicated to the footwear industry (in the context of these products we covered the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia, for example we worked for companies Alpina, Borovo and Jugoplastika), we also produce for the electrical industry, for example Iskra Rotomatikoa. The first products were manufactured on the used machines, because in those days it was not possible to buy new ones.

In addition to family members we employ nine additional workers. Production facilities are arranged in two levels combined on 13000 square feet. It consists of workshops, warehouses and measuring room for product control. For product quality control we are using 3D optical and 3D coordinate measuring machine. We work on modern equipment and we stays in constant touch with innovations in the field of machinery and plastic material processing.

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To our customers we offer quality and affordable plastic injection molding process of the various products on the Boy in Battenfelt 35 to 150 ton presses. All injection molding machines are numerically controlled. They are equipped with driers and transport belts. We also use mills for the plastic materials processing. We have established closed circuit cooling water system to minimize the water consumption and improve environmental friendliness of the company.


Our quality is based on the fulfillment of all agreed request from the customer, so that both parties can benefit form the cooperation. Customers are provided with the products and services according to the agreed terms and timeframes and in compliance with both domestic and international regulations and standards. We manufacture our products for north American markets according to UL ANSI/UL 746D (Underwriters Laboratories) standards already for many years. In 2010 we acquired quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 and in 2015 environmental management systems ISO 14001:2015.


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Marijan Šimenc
+386 40 375 664

Darja Šimenc
+386 40 919 933

Neža Šimenc Stroj
+386 40 431 780


Struževo 93, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

46.2591766, 14.330478999999968

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